Based on the Community you selected, you should schedule an appointment
with one of the Career Advisors listed below:

All of the career advisors listed below are available to assist any L&S student with their career or internship search, resume & cover letter writing, interview strategies, etc. for a wide range of career fields. Additionally, Maureen and Marie are specialists in the areas listed with their names.

For information on making phone or Skype appointments, please scroll down.

Robyn Rauman

Christopher East

Maureen Muldoon - Career & Internship Specialist: Healthcare, Wellness, Science & Research

Marie Koko - Career & Internship Specialist: Federal & State Government Agencies, Politics, Policy, Military Service & Nonprofits  

Location: L&S Career Services - Middleton Building, Suite 205

Phone & Skype Appointments

Phone or Skype appointments are available for L&S students who are currently residing outside of the Madison area (ex. studying abroad). To make a phone or Skype appointment:

1.Select one of the advisors listed above
2.State your desire for either PHONE or SKYPE appointment in capital letters in the "reason for appointment" text box provided
3.List your phone number (with area code) or Skype account name so the advisor can easily reach you
4. Email any documents or job/internship links you would like the advisor to review with you to the selected advisor prior to the appointment
5. Ensure that you are available at the selected time to receive the call/Skype contact