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Our Career & Internship Communities

The options below are NOT intended to "box you in" but rather, to make your search for an internship, job or volunteer experience much less stressful. You may have interests in several of the areas below. That's great! We encourage you to investigate more than one Community and meet with several advisors to learn more about what areas and kinds of jobs and internships may be of most interest to you!

To schedule an appointment with the advisor/specialist for a Community, just click the image in the box. You will then be redirected to that advisor/specialist's appointment scheduling page. If you need further assistance, please contact our office at 608-262-3921 or

1. Government, Nonprofits, Education & Law
2. Healthcare & Wellness
3. Environment, Natural Resources & Wildlife
4. Scientific Product Development, Information & Research

5. Technology, Data & Analytics
6. Communication, Arts & Entertainment
7. L&S Badgers in Business & Entrepreneurship
8. They All Sound Good (or none of them)...Help!

1. Government, Nonprofits, Education & Law 
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PLEASE NOTE: For assistance with a resume or cover letter 
for a federal or state government agency application, click here

For any other resume or cover letter assistance, please click here.

Government, Politics, & Policy

Federal, State, City or County Government Agencies:
--Administration & Program Mgt.
--Cyber and IT
--Environmental Protection/Parks
--Financial Management/Oversight
--National Security & Intelligence
--Public Museums/Galleries & Libraries
Foreign Service
Political Campaigns/Legislation
Policy/Think Tanks/Lobbying
Military Service (officer or enlisted)
Government, Politics & Policy Webpage


Program Coordination
Program Management
Volunteer Management
Community Organizing/ Advocacy
Social Welfare
Youth Programs
Criminal Justice Reform
Poverty Reduction
Refugee Resettlement
Human Trafficking
International Development
Humanitarian Relief
Nonprofit Webpage

Public/Private Education

Teaching & Administration
--Early Childhood
--Higher Ed
--Adult & Continuing Ed
--English as a Second Language (ESL)
--Teaching English Abroad
Masters in Teaching Degrees
Teaching Related Programs:
--Teach for America
--College Possible
--Teaching Fellows
--City Year, etc.


Law School Prep.
Legal Assistant

2. Healthcare & Wellness
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Medical Professions

Physician's Assistant
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Allied Health

Healthcare Administration
Massage Therapy
Public/Global Health
Sports Medicine/Personal Training
Speech Pathology/Audiology

Counseling/Mental Health

Substance Abuse Counseling
Social Work
Case Management
Genetic Counseling
Sexuality/Sexual Health
Ombudsman/Employee Assistance
Crisis Intervention
Conflict Resolution/Mediation

3. Environment, Natural Resources & Wildlife
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Private or Nonprofit

Wildlife Management/Care
Domestic Animal Management/Care
Zoos/Wildlife Parks
Museums of Natural History

Environmental Planning/Conservation       

Resource Management
Waste Management
Air/Water Quality Management
Emergency Management
Quality Assurance/Control

4. Scientific Product Development, Information & Research
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Private orNonprofit

Research & Development                            
Forensic Science
Scientific Consulting

5. Technology, Data & Analytics
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Data & Analytics

Big Data
Statistical/Mathematical Modeling


Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Database Management/Administration
IT Support/Training
Mobile Development
Machine Learning
User Interaction/Experience
Software Engineering
Web/App Development

6. Communication, Arts & Entertainment
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Public Relations
Social Media Strategies





Museums/The Arts

Arts Management
Creative Arts
Performing Arts

7. L&S Badgers in Business & Entrepreneurship
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Management, Sales & Insurance

Management - Program/Project/Personnel
Human Resources
Sports Management
Facilities Management
Retail Management
Consumer Products
Hospitality & Tourism

Business Operations & Logistics

Business Strategy
Corporate Social Responsibility
International Business/Trade
Transportation & Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Finance, Banking & Real Estate

Commercial Banking
Corporate Finance
Financial Planning
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Risk Management
Hedge Funds
Venture Capital
Private Equity
Real Estate
Property Management

8. They All Sound Good (or none of them)...Help!       

As mentioned above, we encourage you to investigate more than one Community, and meet with more than one advisor to learn more about what areas and kinds of jobs/internships may be of most interest to you! 

If you are deciding between one or more communities, but have some specific ideas or questions, just pick one as a place to start the conversation, come on in, and meet with us!

If you're curious about which career areas students with your major most often choose, check out this link Looking at these options may help you decide which Community might be a good place to start the conversation.


But if you really are feeling stuck and can't decide where to begin, the link in the image above will take you to the Career Exploration Center (CEC) where you can begin to narrow down your options.

The CEC serves all UW Madison undergraduate students and can provide guidance as you explore multiple majors and potential career directions. They are a great place to begin the conversation if you:

  • Are unsure about what to major in and discussing careers would help with your decision
  • Want assistance in identifying your personality type, values, skills and interests to help discover what could be  good career and major options for you 



Career Advisors

WHO: All of the career advisors listed below are available to assist any L&S student with internship or career search strategies.  Each has a slightly different background which may match your interests, so be sure to read their mini bios on the WisCal scheduling page. 

WHEN:  All Career Advisors have scheduled 30 minute appointments in person or via phone or Skype.  Appointments on the WisCal Scheduler are posted up to two weeks prior to the appointment date. If your preferred day/time is presently full, check back as late as the day of the appointment, the one you wanted may have opened up when someone cancelled their appointment!

WHAT: All of the career advisors listed below are available to assist any L&S student with their career or internship search, resume & cover letter writing, interview strategies, etc. for a wide range of career fields. Additionally, Maureen and Marie are specialists in the areas listed with their names.

For information on making phone or Skype appointments, please scroll down.

Robyn Rauman

Christopher East

Maureen Muldoon - Career & Internship Specialist: Healthcare, Wellness, Science & Research

Marie Koko - Career & Internship Specialist: Federal & State Government Agencies, Politics, Policy, Military Service & Nonprofits  

Location: L&S Career Services - Middleton Building, Suite 205

If for any reason you are unable to make an appointment with a career advisor within a two week time period, please contact our front desk at 608-262-3921 or for assistance.

Phone & Skype Appointments

Phone or Skype appointments are available for L&S students who are currently residing outside of the Madison area (ex. studying abroad). To make a phone or Skype appointment:

1.Select one of the advisors listed above
2.State your desire for either PHONE or SKYPE appointment in capital letters in the "reason for appointment" text box provided
3.List your phone number (with area code) or Skype account name so the advisor can easily reach you
4. Email any documents or job/internship links you would like the advisor to review with you to the selected advisor prior to the appointment
5. Ensure that you are available at the selected time to receive the call/Skype contact

Welcome L&S Alumni!

Here's how to schedule a career advising appointment

Appointment Eligibility:

Career Advising appointments are only available to L&S alumni who have graduated less than 12 months ago.   If you are an alum of 1+ years, please click here for resources that may be available to you.

To make a Career Advising appointment, please utilize the WisCal Scheduler to select a time to meet with one of our Career Advisors.  You will find them listed on the "Our Career Advisors" tab above   

NOTE: If you cannot access the WisCal Scheduler for any reason, please submit an appointment  request by clicking here.  You will be contacted within 2 business days via a confirmation email letting you know the date and time of your appointment and the name of the advisor with whom you will be meeting. 

Questions? Contact us at 608-262-3921 or  (Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm CST)