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Graduate School Fair

UW-Madison has a long history of academic excellence and outstanding students. Many departments are routinely ranked among the nation's best. Our student body is among the best and brightest in the nation. Don't miss out on meeting these gifted students! We recommend early registration - this fair fills up fast.

Register starting July 1 at




Tuesday, October 14

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Varsity Hall, Union South

Registration fees: Full table ($150); Half table ($75)


Fall Mock Interview Day

Mock Interview Day is a great opportunity for employers to connect with students. By participating in this event, you are:

  • Enabling students to practice their interviewing skills and offering them professional advice. This allows them to be better prepared when entering the workforce, and obtain the skills you are looking for in job candidates.
  • Improving the interviewing skills of your employees. In the past, many companies have utilized this time as an excellent training opportunity for their staff to practice and develop their interviewing skills.
  • Building your network. You have an opportunity to talk with motivated students one-on-one, allowing you to make strong connections with future job candidates.
  • Developing your company's reputation among students. By positively representing your company at campus events, and making early connections, you are increasing your company's visibility and desirability to students.
Mock Interview Day 1

Wednesday, October 22

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Wisconsin Idea Room, Education Building

Mock Interview Day 2

Tuesday, October 28

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Wisconsin Idea Room, Education Building


To register, please email Julie Stover at jastover@wisc.edu

Our office offers a variety of fairs including a graduate school fair and a public service fair. In addition, several times a year we have specialized events such as an etiquette dinner or mock interview day.

Have questions about our events or how to participate in them?

Contact: Angie White at awhite2@wisc.edu or 608-263-5055



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