Experiential Learning Programs

Gaining real, hands-on experience related to your career goals can be a way to apply what you are learning in the classroom. It allows you to see a particular occupation you find interesting and gain new skills in the field. In addition, you may discover that this is not the occupation you thought it was which may direct you into a new path of career discovery.  

Experiential Learning Programs include Day-in-the-Field, Job Shadow and Internships. Each of these programs aim to help students learn in a hands-on way about a career field, industry, or specific job. Students are encouraged to take part in any of or all of these programs to enhance their career exploration and connection to their academic pursuits. 

To explore opportunities please log onto BuckyNet and search "Job Shadow" within the Job Postings tab.

Questions? LS Career Services at careers@ls.wisc.edu or 608-262-3921

Students in the program have been able to visit organizations and meet professionals in career fields such as: Arts, biotechnology, business management, business administration, communications & media, event planning, finance, government, health care, information technology, insurance, marketing, non-profits, promotions, publishing, retail, sales, sports, and STEM careers.


This current program is under review at this time

Questions? Contact careers@saa.ls.wisc.edu or 608-262-3921