Graduate School Prep

Attending graduate school is a big commitment and needs careful consideration. Below you'll find information to help you get started on your graduate school journey.

Unlike undergraduate education, graduate school is a specialized, in-depth education within your chosen discipline. Graduate level education may or may not be the best option for you. Here are a wide variety of resources available to assist you in making an informed decision about what is right for you personally.

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Helpful Handouts:


 Both the School and the specific program are important when choosing to pursue a graduate degree. Use the handout below to begin assessing the fit of the program you are considering:

 Additional Resources 

Consider visiting to learn more about programs in the following fields:

  • Architecture Schools
  • Dental Schools
  • Education Programs
  • Graduate Business Schools
  • Law Schools
  • Medical Schools
  • Physical Therapy Schools
  • Psychology Programga
  • Public Health Schools
  • Veterinary Schools 
Use the "compare" tool to learn more about each program.


Your application essay or personal statement is a great opportunity to describe how you are a perfect match for the program for which you are applying. It should compliment, not duplicate information found in the rest of your application. Your goal is to show who you are more than what you’ve done. Your essay/statement may be autobiographic or a response to a specific given question. Either way, make sure to address the requested nature of the essay/statement.

Helpful Handouts:

Graduate School Admission Exams

The most common admission exam requested by a Graduate School is the GRE. Other than the GRE, the GMAT is often requested if the graduate program has a business focus.

Disciplines that have their own standardized admissions exams include:

  • Law Schools (LSAT)
  • Medical Schools (MCAT)
  • Dental Schools(DAT).

 If you are a pre-law or pre-health student, consider visiting with your advisor to discuss the best ways to study and prepare to take these specialized exams



Recommendation Letters

Graduate Schools often request letters of recommendation or reference letters as part of the application process. Interfolio offers a secure, confidential and efficient way to submit and manage recommendation letters.

Visit the "Letter Writer" section of to learn more about submitting letter.

Looking for a way to manage your applications? Learn more about their Dossier service here.


Consider making an appointment with a career advisor to learn more about graduate school, to get your personal statement and application essay reviewed, or to discuss future graduate school plans.

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Are you a Pre-Law or Pre-Health student?

Additional resources are available to you by visiting the following Campus offices: