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Job Search Strategies

Tired of searching for jobs online that only lead to dead ends? Not sure how to go about finding that perfect job or internship? A successful job and internship search involves utilizing an array of techniques and strategies. While they require more work than a simple “point and click,” many students find these strategies are worth the effort. For additional information on search strategies set up an appointment to meet with a career advisor.

If you would like to request a workshop for a residence hall, student organization, learning community, or academic course, please fill out the L&S Career Services Group Workshop Request Form

Job Search Tools: Helpful Handouts & Web-based Resources

Web-based Resources:

There is a wide variety of web-based resources available for job seekers. Here are a few examples of sites that may be helpful in this process:

Looking for more resources? 
Visit L&S Career Services for drop-in hours or set up and appointment to learn more about specialized resources that can help you with your unique job search needs. 

Suggested Handouts:

Networking: In-Person & Online

Informational Interviews & Networking

Informational interviewing & networking are among the best ways to create an opportunity and learn about the specific needs of a field or occupation. Connect with friends, relatives, past co-workers and fellow students. 

What is informational interviewing?

It is a sit-down opportunity to discuss 1-on-1 with a professional regarding their: career field, personal career path and/or current job. 

The following handout will outline the various steps to consider when pursuing an information interview:

Guide to Informational Interviewing (pdf)

Networking: Another way to learn about careers

Having a clear and focused response to the following questions will ensure that your networking has purpose:

    • What career field(s) are you interested?
    • What are your short term plans after graduation?

Expand your network through online connections via social and professional networks.
A few suggestions on where to start:


Attend a Workshop

Career and Internship workshops are available to students and alumni. Topics include resumes & cover letters, interview skills, federal employment, various specialty career field search strategies, and preparation for graduate school. Visit the Student Homepage for our calendar of upcoming workshops.

Career Fairs

Career & Internship Fairs offer students the opportunity to connect with over 500 representatives from more than 400 organizations who are eager to discuss opportunities with their organization, as well as offer students a chance to research careers and network.

L&S Career Services is a proud sponsor of the following major fairs here at UW-Madison:

  • Fall/Spring Career & Internship Fair
  • Graduate School Fair
  • Multicultural Career & Internship Fair
  • Public Service Fair
  • STEM Fair
  • A student handout to help before, during and after the Fair
  • For an up-to-date listing of all LSCS-sponsored fairs, visit the Student Homepage