On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) streamlines the application and first round interview process for both full-time and internship opportunities by providing you with the opportunity to interview with an employer right here at UW-Madison. The majority of on-campus interviews open to L&S students are held in the Letters & Science Career Services suite or at the School of Business. The process is highly competitive and traditionally only certain types of organizations tend to participate in the program. OCI is one tool among many that you can utilize in a search for jobs and internships.

While many aspects of the program make the application and interview processes more convenient than a traditional on-site interview,  it is important to remember that OCI is can be stressful with multiple quick deadlines and demanding interview schedules.

If you have a question about on-campus interviewing, make an appointment with a career advisor.

Quick question? Give us a call at 608-262-3921.



In order to participate in OCI, you must be registered through BuckyNet as all interview schedules and OCI-eligible positions are housed in BuckyNet.

There are two types of on-campus interview schedules:

"Open" Interview Schedules AND  "Pre-select" Interview Schedules

Open Interview Schedules:

As the name suggests, these schedules are open to students who meet the specific requirements of the position listing. To sign up for an interview on an "open" schedule, apply directly through the BuckyNet system, and then you will be able to select and interview time.

"Pre-select" Interview Schedules:

A "pre-select" type of schedule is more complex than an open interview schedule. In order to participate in a pre-select schedule, you must complete the following steps:

1. Submit your resume (and cover letter)
2. Wait for the employer to determine whether they would like to offer you an interview opportunity. Employers will rank candidates as follows (this affects your access to the interview times):


  • Accepted- the employer has accepted your application and you may sign-up for an interview within the time period indicated
  • Alternate- the employer has accepted you as an alternate for an interview
  • Undecided- the employer has yet to make a decision on your application
  • Declined- the employer has declined your application for an interview

3. If you are offered an invitation to interview, THEN you will have access to the schedule


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Look carefully at the location of your interview as interviews are conducted in various locations on campus.

    Cancellation Policy (timely)

    You have until TWO business days prior to your actual interview date to cancel your interview appointment. Interviews may be cancelled via your BuckyNet account. If you encounter difficulties, please call 608-262-3921 or 608-262-3923 and give your name and the name of the company with whom you are interviewing. 

    An interview that is cancelled less than 2 business days before the scheduled appointment will be considered a late cancellation. A business day is defined as follows: Monday-Friday; 8:00am-4:30pm.

    Late Cancellation Policy & No-Show Procedures

    Missing a scheduled interview appointment is considered an “interview no-show". No-shows and late cancellations are handled in the following ways:

    1st Late Cancellation/ No-Show

    For a 1st late cancellation of an interview appointment with a recruiter, you will receive a warning letter from our recruiting coordinator, and you will be expected to write a letter of apology to that company. You must send a copy of that letter to the attention of Angie White at angie.white@wisc.edu, who will then forward your letter to the recruiter.

    NOTE: Failure to follow this protocol will result in your BuckyNet account being deactivated.

    2nd Late Cancellation/ No-Show

    For a 2nd late cancellation of an interview appointment, your BuckyNet account will be deactivated for the remainder of the academic year. If you would like to contest the deactivation, you must meet with the Director of the Letters & Science Career Services Office. Please call 608-262-3921 to schedule a meeting.