Resume & Cover Letters

For your best chances of being hired for a job or internship you will need to prepare your resume, cover letter, interviews, and possible funding sources. In a competitive market plan on taking 6-8 months for land your first job. A polished resume and cover letter will help you be competitive and increase your chances of getting that interview. Effective interviewing also takes preparation and practice, so take a look at some of the resources prepared specifically for Letters & Science students. 

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Developing and maintaining an excellent resume will be an essential step in your career process. Resumes are needed for: jobs, internships, scholarships, graduate school & networking. Both your cover letter and resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for.

Below you can find general resources as well as sample resumes and cover letters for a variety of populations: 

How to Write a Resume & Professional References

How to Write a Resume

This document will cover a few simple principles, things not to include on your resume, the major elements of a resume and a student sample. A must have resource for resume writers!

Download the PDF here


Professional References

Job References (PDF) -- what to include and whom to ask

Marketing Your International Experience

Strategies and tips for incorporating your international experience in to your resume

Download the PDF here

Bullet Points & Resume Sections Headings

Descriptive Lines & Section Headings (PDF)

The best resumes describe job tasks, skills and concrete accomplishments accurately and completely while still being succinct.  Use this resource to market your talents to employers. 

Anatomy of a Bullet Point (PDF)

This resource will dissect and explain the critical points of descriptive lines on your resume. 

Power Verbs (PDF)

You will find a list of great active verbs to help the descriptive lines on your resume stand out.  One of our most widely used handout for students.

Resume Samples: 1st & 2nd Year Undergraduates

Darcy Collins (PDF)

Best-fit for 1st and 2nd year students. This sample includes recent high school experience.

Elizabeth Schmidt (PDF)

Best-fit for 1st and 2nd year students. This sample includes relevant coursework and a way to include a High School study abroad experience.

Resume Samples: Undergraduate Student & Recent Alumni

Charles Kohler (PDF)

This sample highlights multiple positions within one job, and how to incorporate a course project.

Elisa Lopez (PDF)

This sample highlights communications and web design experiences, in addition to a "qualifications summary" section.

James Smith (PDF)

This sample highlights computer science skills, as well as another way to include a course project.

Joseph Gregory (PDF)

This sample focuses on science and research skills.

Yi Zhang (PDF)

This sample focuses on international policy, research & administrative experience, in addition to demonstrating ways to showcase a lot of experience on 1 page.

Cover Letters: How to & Samples

Cover Letter Basics (PDF)

This document will cover the four sections standard in a cover letter as well as provide 2 sample cover letters with their corresponding resumes.

Download the PDF here

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