Help Prepare Your Students for Meaningful Careers

One of the main priorities of the College of Letters and Science is to support faculty and staff in helping students to increase their career-readiness.  We know that you are an essential partner and your relationship with students is critical to their success. In partnership, we can help students understand the relationship of their majors to careers.  We can help students be less focused on "what can I do with this major: and instead immerse themselves in their academic pursuits while simultaneously planning for a productive future. We hope the following resources will be helpful.

Get to Know Your Career Center

What We Help Students Do: 

Explore...possible career paths that align with their strengths and course of study
Refine...resumes, cover letters, networking, Linkedin, interviews, grad school applications
Develop...skills and network with alumni and employers
Launch...internships, career opportunities, and grad school admissions

Selected services we provide:

Communication Tools You Can Use

The following tools are available year-round and will be updated throughout each semester. Departments will be notified of updates and changes to these resources via our Department Newsletter. If you're like to be added to our listserv, please email Leslie Kohlberg.
  • Social Media Tool Kit: Downloadable resources for sharing with students via social media.
  • PowerPoint Slides: Share these featured announcements with students at the start of class.
  • Events Calendar: Add these upcoming events and deadlines to your student-facing communications and schedules.  
  • BuckyNet Brochure: On BuckyNet, students can post their resumes, search and apply for internships and full-time employment opportunities, sign-up for on-campus interviews, learn about employers, and access additional resources. 

Faculty and Department Best Practice Examples

The L&S Career Services office has been collaborating with faculty and department staff over the years.  Below are some examples of how professors and staff have worked with the L&S Career Services Office (or have developed resources and curriculum on their own) to promote students’ career development and job search success.

Economics: Career Options for Economics Majors

English: What can I do with an English Major?

Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Careers & Skill Development

French 314: Language, the Liberal Arts, and Getting Ready for Work

Religious Studies 601: Capstone Seminar in Religious Studies

Help Your Students Reach Their Goals

  • Don't Cancel Class! We have staff from our office to stand in for you in case of an emergency.  Contact Leslie Kohlberg if you need to be away from your class this semester.  We have a variety of topics that your students would find helpful.
  • Request a presentation by contacting to arrange for a class presentation about our services, as well as on a broad range of topics to include resume building, job and internship search strategies, networking and interviewing.
  • Announce upcoming events: Use this link to keep up on career fairs and events. View Fall 2016 career fair attendance by major. 
  • Encourage students to register for the Inter LS-210 L&S Career Development: Taking Initiative course.  This course helps students reflect on their skills, apply for an internship and decide a career path. 
  • Refer students to meet with a Career and Internship Communities Advisor: If your students want to talk with a career advisor about their internships and job search strategies, connecting to employers or hone their self-marketing tools (resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviewing)
  • Direct students interested in internships to the L&S Badger Internship Program, where students can receive guidance and resources to help them be successful as an intern. They can also earn academic credit by enrolling in Inter LS-260.

How to help student relate their major and classes to career and marketable skills:

Contact Us with Questions/Comments            

Leslie Kohlberg: Associate Director of Department Relations
Any questions about departmental career programs and request for consultation.
Rebekah Pare: Associate Dean, Execuutive Director Career Initiative  & Career Services
Any questions about large-scale career initiative projects.
Andrea Lowe: Director of Career Advising & Communities
Any questions about workshops, career communities model, and direct services to students.
Alex Peirce: Director of Employer Development
Any questions about employer sponsorship programs and communications from our office. 
Angie White: Director of Internships & Employer Services
Any questions about employer contacts, major employer events, and BuckyNet.
Jon Cleveland: Director of Career Education & Strategic Initiatives
Any questions about LS 210 course, career initiative projects, and data/assessment.