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Student Career Spotlight

The internship advantage

L&S students find experience in the working world a powerful launchpad to successful careers.

June 14th 2017 | Katie VaughnL&S Career InitiativeStudents\

By any account, Grace Corry has an impressive resume. The triple major graduated this May with degrees in Political Science, International Studies and French. She’s spent hours volunteering, and she’s committed to a career that prompts positive change.

Yet there’s something else that sets the student from Shorewood, Wisconsin, apart from the crowd: Her internships.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of internships. They let students test out career paths, gain valuable skills and make connections in the field. This experience matters. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a full 95 percent of employers consider it a factor in hiring decisions.

What’s more, the organization also reports that slightly more than half of internships become full-time jobs, meaning a cool summer gig could very well become that first step on the career path after graduation. But as Corry can tell you, it takes some work to get there.

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