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L&S students and alumni have the knowledge and skills to be successful in communications, arts & entertainment fields. In fact, many employers seek out liberal arts students to meet the unique needs of their organization. Figure out how your L&S degree could translate into a career in advertising, publishing, entertainment, museums, or the arts.

My liberal arts education has taught me the importance of communication and understanding different perspectives, which I've been able to apply to my internship experiences. As an intern at the Madison Public Library Foundation , it's important to be able to work well with the team and ask questions as you further develop your skills and discover your passions.

Grace Featherstone, L&S Communication Arts Major 2017

Featured L&S Courses

This online undergraduate course, open to Communication Arts majors, accompanies field experiences supplementary to the academic study of communication. Field experiences or “internships” might include positions at local television or radio stations, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations or communication-related businesses.

This 3 credit course is an introduction to digital communication and how it shapes our everyday lives. Students will develop digital communication skills, explore digital media tools and trends, and examine expressions of power online.

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UW-Madison has a variety of student and professional organizations in general communication, advertisting, publishing, entertainment and the arts for student to consider joining.

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