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Faculty & Staff

SuccessWorks offers hands-on learning to help students supplement their academic strengths with professional development. Our Career Communities advising model gives students guidance based on the career fields that interest them, offering students of every major opportunities to explore a wide range of paths.

Faculty and Staff in the College of Letters & Science are critical partners in our work to prepare students for productive, fulfilling lives after graduation. Together, we’re helping students understand the relationship between their majors and the huge range of career opportunities that lay before them.

How to Use These Resources

Use the resources above in a the manner that best suits your office or department. Here are suggestions to get you started:

– Add links, events and talking points to your website
– Add resources to your syllabus
– Share slides and flyers in class
– Include information in emails and e-newsletters
– Share with students in one-on-one appointments, or in presentations

Let's Work Together

Leslie Kohlberg is our Associate Director of Department Relations, working closely with faculty and staff in departments throughout L&S on career readiness.

Get in touch with Leslie if you are affiliated with an L&S department and interested in working together to create a meaningful plan that helps your students become career ready.

Want to receive regular emails from SuccessWorks with updates on new resources, events and student opportunities? Let Leslie know!