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Scientific Product Development, Information & Research

You may be working in a lab, individually or part of a team. You might be out in the field or in an office setting utilizing analytical and critical thinking and complex problem solving skills. Your work could span any number of paths that include positions in: product research & development; biotechnology; bioinformatics;  research related to behavioral sciences, biological, chemical, physics, pharmaceutical, environmental, or patents;  forensic science, and scientific consulting.


From therapeutic and drug development to translational and integrated science, Wisconsin has it all. Accounting for one of the states’s largest economic drivers, biotech and biopharma continue to flourish in Wisconsin.

Featured L&S Courses

The Freshman Biochemistry Seminar will introduce freshmen to the discipline of biochemistry, to the UW Biochemistry Department, to some of the research projects the faculty are pursuing, to the University, and to the career options open to an individual with a biochemistry undergraduate degree.

One-credit seminar for students engaging in research for the first time, to be taken alongside 1-3 independent research credits in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field. Students need to identify a research mentor prior to the start of the semester.

Entering Research Part 1 will give you tools and skills to help you foster a successful mentor/mentee relationship and tailor your research experience to your interests and goals.

  • Learn about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships that make for a successful research experience
  • Define an independent research project with your mentor
  • Share your research experience with your peers

Making Connections

Student/Professional Organizations

UW-Madison has a variety of scientific and research related student organizations to consider joining. They range from pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, undergraduate research, and environmental sciences. Check out a few on our list

Badger Mentors

Badger career coaches are here to help you.

Graduate School Resources

Do I need to go to grad school? If yes, in what? Better to wait? A good starting place to explore different types of graduate programs