University of Wisconsin–Madison

What are Career Communities?

Did you know that in L&S, your major does not typically = your career path?

Our career communities are based on a cluster of occupations that we know students have an interest in and alumni have landed awesome jobs.

The options below are NOT intended to box you in but rather, to make your search for an internship, job, or volunteer experience much less stressful. You may have interests in several of the areas below. That’s great! We encourage you to investigate more than one Community and meet with SuccessWorks Career Advisors to learn more about what areas and kinds of jobs and internships may be of most interest to you! We look forward to working with you to help you figure out this crazy thing called “life after college.”

Career Communities

Communications, Arts & Entertainment

Environment, Natural Resources & Wildlife

Government, Politics, Policy & Law

Healthcare & Wellness

L&S Badgers in Business & Entrepreneurship

Nonprofit Management & Education

Scientific Product Development, Information & Research

Technology, Data & Analytics

They all sound good or none, what do I do?